Legal Aid

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Legal Aid

About the Socio-Legal Program

As an integral component of the Socio-Legal program, Shoruq Organization opened its free legal clinic in April 2014 with the support of the Sawasyah’ project, under the supervision of the United Nations Development Project (UNDO). The rationale behind creating the legal clinic is to provide legal advice, legal representation, and requisite social support to refugee children, who are undergoing complexities and are in conflict with the law.

It must be noted that Shoruq’s legal clinic is considered to be the first of its kind in the Bethlehem area. Essentially, the clinic’s work is not exclusive to providing legal representation to children in need; rather, it seeks to provide them with counseling services as well, including but not limited to: psychological and social evaluation. The clinic may transfer specific cases of children in conflict with the law to specialized psychological services if needed.

The program’s scope of work also includes networking with several institutions of various specializations that cooperate with Shoruq Organization in receiving the children tackled, in order to provide them with psychological and social assistance to them. Among the most significant partnerships that have been formed through this networking process is with the Palestinian Ministry of Social Development, which transfers some of the children’s cases to Shoruq’s lawyer, in order to provide legal aid to these children.

Legal Aid

Shoruq’s Socio-Legal Program seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Providing children in conflict with the law with tangible legal aid through various means, such as defending and pleading for these children before all parties to justice and the law.

  2. Representing child plaintiffs in court if they seek to claim their rights as a result of any violation they may have been subjected to.

  3. Providing legal advice to local individuals and answering any related inquiries about the law.