Akazati – My Crutch

  • Akazati – My Crutch

Akazati – My Crutch

Film Name | Akazati – My Crutch (in English)

Written and Directed by | Ahmad Tariq Hamad

Genre | Narration short film

Duration | 3:12 minutes.

Synopsis | The calm experienced by a young girl in her room swiftly shifts into resilience in the midst of noisiness.

Trailer | https://youtu.be/TBC4A-emKSY


Cast | Beirut Ramadan & Yousef Alkornz

Production Manager | Nadim Alayaseh

Production Assistant | Ameera Abbadi

First Assistant Director | Wisam Aljafari

DOP | Ahmad Tariq Hamad

Assistant Camera | Raghad Osama Asil Maswadeh

Gaffer | Raghad Al Jubah

Key Grip | Shrooq Salem

Location Scout | Mariam Adel, Wafa Alsarawe, Maryiam Salem & Camilia Abu Fadda

Video Editor | Ahmad Tariq Hamad

Sound Designer | Wasim Qassis

Sound Editor | Ala Khoury

Transpiration | Taxi Alfrarjeh

Special Thanks to Sami Sarasra