the left knee

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the left knee

Dheisheh refugee camp has remained a longstanding flashpoint for Israeli military violence against Palestinians

A military commander called Nidal made it personal recently, which escalated events in the camp with Dheisheh youth

He threatened to target their limbs with live bullets to cause permanent injuries and disabilities, saying: "All of you will you walk on crutches."

This resulted in 200 youths from the camp being shot in their kneecaps from 2015-2016.

An UNRWA official said, "In the last three times when occupation forces stormed the camp, about 20 young men were injured."

Ministry of Health: Since the beginning of October 2015 until September 2016, some 1,600 Palestinians in the West Bank have been shot by Israeli forces

422 of them were children

Many youth are unable to move as a result of being injured in their left knee.

Najib Faraj says that the bullets have been fired not to kill, but to break forever.

What's the secret behind targeting the left knee?

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