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Shoruq Rap Girls Group

About Shoruq Rap Girls Group

Shoruq Rap Girls Group is a local Palestinian hip-hop group that consists of 8 girls between the ages of 12 and 15, who are passionate about rap music and its significant impact in affirming a particular statement surrounding social justice and other relevant topics. The group mainly writes and produces songs that speak for them and their cause, which uniquely combine western and orient music together. Notably, through this group, these girls are capable of exercising their right to artistically express themselves by writing a variety of songs that shed light on their daily lives as refugee girls living under occupation, as well as addressing other societal issues, such as women’s rights.

In 2020, Shoruq Organization and the Ministry of Education department in Bethlehem discussed new ways to cooperate together in a media project, which aims to record several songs that will be used in public schools across Palestine. Moreover, the first generation of Shoruq Rap Girls Group, “Ettijah” prepared an extensive training plan and material for a 5 days summer camp aimed towards the second generation of girl rappers. The summer camp helped young participants get to know each other and learn the basics of rap and music.

Albums and Music Produced

  • In 2017, Shoruq Rap Girls Group produced their first rap album titled “The Journey,” consisting of 7 songs: My Homeland, Freedom, Dream, Women, Freedom of Expression, Displacement, Child Soldiers. Some of the music used in these songs were produced by a musician from Morocco.
  • Shoruq’s Media Center produced a video clip for the song, “My Homeland,” one of the songs from “The Journey” album.
  • The girls recorded a song in Arabic, English, and French for the first time to be used in international performances.
  • In 2020, Shoruq Rap Girls Group released a new song titled “Ana Qawiya” (I am strong), produced by Zaid Hilal, which addresses the reality of Palestinian women in a sarcastic manner. In addition, the group has also written the first draft of a new song that tackles the issue of gender-based violence against women in the Arab community. Ettijah girls performed some of their songs in a show organized with TAM Association, where the girls sang Bala Hudood and Watani songs at the Peace Center and Buzz Entertainment. The show was broadcasted through many official pages with the presence of Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh and many official bodies in Palestine.

Artistic Tours

  • The group members participated in an artistic tour in Italy, where they participate in an international summer camp, and spoke and present their work for international advocacy, in addition to introducing the international community to their cause and voices. The girls also participated in a number of activities, including cultural exchanges, educational lectures, meetings with human rights activists, famous art groups, and meetings with journalists.
  • The girls also participated in an artistic tour in the United States of America, along with the Dabkeh group where they presented their work and talked about their experience as refugee girls.
  • The girls also participated in an artistic tour in France, where they performed two shows in the Palestine Festival in the South of France and sang in three languages for the first time (Arabic, English, and French).