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About Shoruq’s Media Center

In 2012, Shoruq Organization successfully established a specialized media and audio production training center in Dheisheh Refugee Camp to serve and assist Palestinian refugees living there. The rationale behind establishing this center stems from Shoruq’s firm belief in the prominent role of media in elevating the voices of Palestinian refugees regardless of their geographical locations and in safeguarding their fundamental rights domestically and internationally, as well as providing them with a better career that guarantees a dignified life for them. The chief objective of Shoruq’s Media Center is to empower and educate refugees in all aspects surrounding the media domain, including but not limited to its diverse written, visual, and auditory constituents.

Services Provided by Shoruq’s Media Center

Shoruq Organization provides the following services to local institutions, companies, and private centers in Palestine, in order to secure a financial return that guarantees the steady development of Shoruq’s Media Center and maintains its ability to provide free services to the most marginalized groups in the Palestinian society.

·         Training:

1.      Audio production training, which also deals with mixing and sound design.

2.      Photograph and videography training.

3.      Film production training.

4.      Montage training.

·        Visual Production:

1.      Documentaries.

2.      Film production.

3.      Commercial ads.

4.      Video/TV spots.

5.      Graffiti animation.

·        Sound Production:

1.      Music production.

2.      Radio spots production.

3.      Sound design and mixing.

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