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Shoruq’s advocacy program is a big umbrella for several projects and activities aimed at emphasizing the blatant deprivation and denial of legal, civil, and political rights of Palestinian refugees in Occupied Palestine and Diaspora. Shoruq’s advocacy work is part of the Palestinian refugees insistence on their rights and works to raise the voices of refugees locally and internationally.


Shoruq participates in several advocacy coalitions including the Occupied Palestine and Golan Heights Advocacy Initiative, Palestinian Network for Children's Rights (which we coordinate in the Bethlehem governate), the National Committee for Nakba Commemoration, and the Access to Justice working group led by UNDP.


Shoruq believes in the power of art to effect social change and considers its dance and music projects part of our advocacy program.

Shoruq created a debka (traditional Palestinian dance) group for children ages 10-15 in order to find a place for them to express themselves and raise their voices to the world. Participants are trained in dance techniques that allow them to express their thoughts, opinions and national identity. The group includes 25 children of both sexes who have been exercising very hard after school and during the schools holidays. They produced one out of three dancing performances using the music produced at the media center. The group’s members are well trained and ready now to take the next step into live performances during community events. The group also took part in several educational workshops. For example, they participated in a workshop about children rights and the history of refugees. They also took part in English Language course.

Shoruq’s hip hop group is only for girls to provide a safe space for them to explore issues of identity and the challenges they face as refugees, as Palestinians, and as young women. It includes 9 girls write and perform their own songs in English and Arabic. They are working to record their first album in Shoruq’s media center.   


Shoruq organizes a summer camp every year during the schools holiday for children. This year’s summer camp 

Shoruq welcomes individuals and groups from around the world to come and visit Dheisheh Refugee Camp and learn about our history. Please send us an email or fill out the booking form and we will make a plan that fits your time and interest.

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