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Shoruq Dance Troupe falls under the umbrella of the Advocacy Program. The establishment of a cultural and contemporary art program at Shoruq Organization is considered of high significance and necessity for the Palestinian society. This stems from the explicit need to construct an inclusive and safe outlet that enables refugee youth and children to express themselves independently and accelerate their deep passion for art and creativity. Attaining such a vision inevitably leads to the emergence of a creative refugee generation that is able to express themselves artistically and deal with various challenges and burdens they may encounter in a non-typical approach. Perhaps most notably, the mission of preserving the Palestinian cultural heritage through this particular program is a pivotal aspect of the Palestinian continuous struggle against an Occupation that refuses to acknowledge their mere existence and systematically strips Palestinians of their cultural identity by stealing from their past and present culture to deceptively form its own.

The Art Program of Shoruq Organization provides the Palestinian youth and children with the opportunity to express themselves and the main issues they are subjected to by utilizing art as a primary mode of expression. It also assigns them with the fundamental responsibility of preserving the Palestinian culture and portraying it in a modern and innovative manner that aligns with this age of time. Further to this, the Art Program supplements the Palestinian youth with the necessary tools to exploit their inner energy and skills in order to highlight the case of Palestinian refugees through an effective approach that primarily relies on artistic advocacy for the Palestinian cause specifically and all world refugees in general on a local and global scale.

About Shoruq Dance Troupe

Shoruq Dance Troup is an artistic folklore troupe that presents national Palestinian art through dancing, essentially abiding by the language of modern creativity in its artistic work. It plays a vital role in reviving and preserving this form of art from the disarray and suppression of the Israeli Occupation. Essentially, the artistic work that Shoruq Dance Troupe produces derives from the cultural and humanitarian repertoire of the folkloric Palestinian heritage and people.

Shoruq Dance Troupe was established in 2012 with the input and efforts of a group of volunteer professional artists. The troupe currently consists of 50 dancers from both sexes ranging from the age of 12 to 24 and is divided into two categories, on the basis of generation (the first and second troupe). Since its formation, the Shoruq Dance Troupe has produced dozens of traditional dancing acts that simulate the Palestinian story and the various calamities the Palestinian people have suffered from throughout history. It has also performed at several local festivals in Palestine, in addition to performing internationally and representing Palestine in a number of international festivals and events that were held in different countries.

Shoruq Dance Troupe is considered an intrinsic part of the Advocacy Program, mainly utilizing art as a primary tool to defend the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people and raise awareness about the Palestinian cause in general and refugees in particular at the local and international levels. It also contributes to creating tangible change and impact on the individual and society alike through an aesthetic artistic contribution, as well as preserving the Palestinian cultural and artistic heritage and passing it on to future generations

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