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The media program has a long term vision primarily to serve Palestinian refugee communities on national and regional levels, and to enable partnering with various community and advocacy groups around the globe. Shoruq's media program provides children and youth with educational workshops and professional trainings to increase awareness of their rights and give them new tools express themselves to the world.

Shoruq has a state-of-the-art audio recording studio with professional grade equipment, soundproofing, and isolation. This studio is one of a kind in Bethlehem area and one of the best in the West Bank. The recording rooms and the control room are both large in order to function as both a studio and a training site. 

We welcome musicians, hip-hop and spoken word artists, and videographers to come visit our center and use our professional studios! Make a booking! 

Overall objective `         

Create a multimedia community bridging barriers of geography between Palestinian refugees by empowering them to raise their voices in order to tackle issues pertaining to community, society as well as political issues.


Specific objectives

  • Increase refugee skills in media, and to utilize these mediums to support refugee’s legitimate short and long term demands. 
  • Establish grounds for formulation of leadership among Palestinian refugees.
  • Raise public awareness in Palestinian communities and on an international level about refugee issues.
  • Link and bridge Palestinian refugee communities with one another  and with international human rights advocacy groups;
  • Establish an electronic archive for refugee media resources developed by target groups.
  • Stimulate media research and education areas among Palestinian refugees.
  • Create tools for international cultural exchanges and education.

Program Accomplishments

  • 30 hour training in video recording and editing for 6 youth (2014)
  • 60 hour training in music recording and editing for 15 youth (2014)
  • Construction of professional audio recording studio (2013-2014)
  • 60 hour training in journalism, media, and human rights for 20 youth (2013)


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