Shoruq Organization Concludes a Training on Social Photography

Shoruq organization has held a photography training course with the participation of 21 girls aged between 16 and 22. The workshop has finished with an exhibition entitled “Khafaya” held in Bab IdDeir art gallery in Bethlehem. 

The 60-hour training course that was held for two months, targeted 21 participants.

The training course was given by the photographer Hasan Abu Sdud. In the first month, he taught the trainees the basics of photography, types of cameras and lenses, and how to set lighting in photography. 

Whereas in the second month, the training involved practical exercises about how to capture photos for press purposes from several different angles. As the trainees were taken to many spots in Bethlehem in order to practice more on taking photos with taking into consideration the appropriate angles and lighting.

At the end of the workshop, a photo gallery entitled “Khafaya” was made by the girls under the supervision of the designer Ali Obeid. The exhibition, which presented photos taken by the girls, reflected issues that women in Palestine and the world are still experiencing. Thus, the image was reflected from women's perspective. Furthermore, the trainees were awarded certificates hoping that Shoruq holds such training courses.

It is worth mentioning that the training course is part of the project "Independent Media: Raising Youth Voices", which includes several media and music training with the joint support of CFI and the European Union.

Translated by : Marah Khawaja

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