Shoruq Organization Concludes the Activities of it's Annual Art & Dabkeh Summer Camp

Shoruq organization concludes its Art and Dabkeh summer camp on Thursday 8/8/2019. The camp had 33 kids in the age range of 12-16 years old. Many activities were conducted in the camp like developing the dancers' performance, breaking barriers, enhance self confidence, discipline, theater and drama. It also educated kids about the history of Palestine, Refugee hood, displaced villages, conventions and agreements.

Ali Obeid "camp supervisor "said: the main goal of the camp is to motivate kids towards voluntary work, community participating and Heritage conservation. Shourq artistic group works on enhancing, protecting and developing traditional dance moves. We also work on breaking barriers between kids, theater and audience, and expressing ideas with dance moves

Shoruq’s Art and Dabkeh summer camp is distinguished by its program in motivating kids to express themselves in different ways such as dancing (Dabkeh) throughout the trainings held in the camp. Moreover, this camp made cultural and national histories a central theme for all activities. It should be noted that an entertaining trip was organized by the camp`s managers on the last day of the camp to Murad Tourist Resort in Bethlehem. 

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