Shoruq’s “Ettijah” releases a video clip for Bala Hdood “without borders” song

Shoruq's Etijiah group presented their first of a kind video clip for their song “Balah Hdood” which tackles freedom and restrictions that the occupation imposed on them and their community.

The group members said that they are very happy with this great work which could translate their views with words and images as well as reflecting their bitter reality. 

The video speaks about an angel that fell from the sky in the darkness swamp and broke her wings; she wonders about her unknown fate. This art piece is produced by Shoruq Organization, directed by Ahmad Saleh, Music Composition by Jeries Babish, featuring Sireen Kahled, Scenography and customs by Ali Obeid and DOP by Sniper Studios.

“Because having girl-rappers is a great addition, we had to proceed with more work” said Nadim Alayaseh, Ettijah's rap trainer. He added “In 2018, we started to present the girls’ work using videos, so we released "Min Juwwati Horra" “My free inner” song and produced “Bala Hdood” which is a song written by the girls themselves”.  

Director Ahmad Saleh said that he is very happy to work with the girls who were able to express themselves and challenge the restrictions imposed by the occupation and the community. He added that this video was implemented with low budget and simple tools created from what was available.

Shoruq’s rap girls started their journey six years ago and released their first album titled “The Journey” in 2017.

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