Shoruq Organisation represents Palestinian refugees in Italy

Shoruq Organisation completed the girls' photography course (Palestine Express) in Deheisheh camp after two months of intensive practical training. The course aims to teach girls the methods of photography and the use of modern cameras in expressing themselves and their environment.

Fifteen girls between 12 to 16 years from the Deheisheh camp participated in this course. The workshop included portraits, nature and urban places photos. The trainer Tamara Abu Laban focused on taking photos of the camp and the stages of the development of the camp from the political, cultural and societal perspective. Taking into account the privacy of the girls' relationship with this space and the constraints they faced.   

The workshops included writing some ideas that girls would like to express. Also, the community constraints such as preventing the girl from participating and expressing themselves. Some girls spoke about environmental issues like overcrowding in the camp, accumulation of waste and lack of water. In addition to the successive Israeli incursions on Deheisheh camp at night and the psychological impact on girls. They expressed all these subjects through photography.

Shoruq will present the girls' photos at an exhibition in Italy in partnership with

The ARCHIE Foundation. The exhibition will include a show of Shoruq’s girls rap troupe in addition to lectures about life in Palestinian refugee camps.

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