Media Projects

The Media Center documented the various activities of the Shoruq varying from workshops, summer camps, filmmaking, courses and artistic events. The Center carried out the following activities:

1. Filmmaking workshop for girls with hearing disability

Shoruq organized a two-month workshop about photography and filmmaking as well as the art of writing television texts. Eight girls from Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah, aged between 20 and 30 years old, took part in this specialized workshop which was funded by Stars Foundation. This group suffers from underestimation and discrimination.

The participants produced videos to raise awareness among the Palestinian society about the issue of deaf people and the need to respect this category. The girls expressed their thoughts through the screening of 3 videos produced by Shoruq’s Media Center which tackled problems and obstacles faced by girls in their daily lives.

Abla Jaber, one of the participants took part in the workshop to express what she faces from her society despite having a degree in science. She was able to overcome her disability through poetry and writing short stories and novels.

“I work as a pharmacist and I have a master’s degree in the same field, but if someone wants to buy a medicine and I do not understand what he/ she wants, it would embarrass me because I do not hear; I read lips well”

- Abla, 27 years old

2. Photography course for young girls

One long Photography training for girls has taken place at Shoruq Organization. The Photography trainer, Tamara Abu Laban has given a long photography and story-writing training to 18 trainees. The training took place from February 2017 to May 2017. The training was about the following subjects:

- Understanding their Stories

- The stereotypes & women in media

- Understanding Exposure and light

- Colors and Contrast

- How to use Camera

- How to compose a Photograph & Framing

- Focus on your main Subject, Depth of Field

- The rule of third

In addition to the training, the girls were able to take part in many video projects with Dream Defenders, Existence is Resistance and Shadia Mansour’s music video.

“I try hard to learn and when I ask or express my opinion in the lecture, students laugh at my way of speaking. I wish that I could tell them that I am deaf and try to communicate with them even though they do not accept me, but this session is different because the Shoruq hired sign language interpreter to communicate with us.”

Malak, 20 years old

3. Audio Training

The Media Center also organized audiovisual training for five young people working or volunteering at the Media Center, in order to their voice production capabilities at the center. The training included a number of subjects, such as sound basics, mixer’s settings and sound techniques.

4. Media Training

The media center also hosted university interns and organized a training course on media basics for them. The training was for 60 hours and was given to 15 young people between the ages of 18 and 25, mostly university students from Al-Quds University, Al-Ahlia University and Dar Al-Kalima College. The participants were divided into groups to gain more experience in audio mixing, mastering audio, video editing and news directing.

Media Productions

Video Spots:

- A video spot entitled: “No detention for juveniles and yes to activation of article 36 of the law,” which recommends finding alternatives to detention such as psychological treatment, vocational rehabilitation and others.

- A video of a play by children about their rights and the rights of juveniles who are in conflict with Palestinian law

Video Reports:

- A video report on young refugees in Al-Arroub camp

- A video report on the strike of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails

- A promotional video for Baladi Shoruq Dancing troupe’s tour in France

- A video report about the water crisis in Palestinian refugee camps

Video Clips:

- A video clip for Shoruq’s Dabka group entitled “Sabbal ‘Oyuno”

- A video clip for Dabkeh show titled “Hott Hjar” about the first Intifada in Dheisheh refugee camp


- A short film about Shoruq that shows its objectives, vision and the various activities that are carried over the past 5 years.

Digital Stories:

- Shoruq produced ten illustrated stories about the lives of Palestinian children in the camps that reflect their dreams, aspirations and daily lives.

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