مؤسسة الشروق
4 Feb

Akazati – My Crutch

Film Name | Akazati – My Crutch (in English) Written and Directed by | Ahmad Tariq Hamad Genre | Narration short film Duration | 3:12 minutes. Synopsis | The calm experienced by a young girl in her room swiftly shifts into resilience in the midst of noisiness....

11 Oct

Shoruq Organization Concludes a Training on Social Photography

Shoruq organization has held a photography training course with the participation of 21 girls aged between 16 and 22. The workshop has finished with an exhibition entitled “Khafaya” held in Bab IdDeir art gallery in Bethlehem.  The 60-hour training course that was held for two months, targeted 21...

مؤسسة الشروق
17 Aug

Shoruq Organization Concludes the Activities of it's Annual Art & Dabkeh Summer Camp

Shoruq organization concludes its Art and Dabkeh summer camp on Thursday 8/8/2019. The camp had 33 kids in the age range of 12-16 years old. Many activities were conducted in the camp like developing the dancers' performance, breaking barriers, enhance self confidence, discipline, theater and drama. It also educated...

26 Feb

Shoruq’s “Ettijah” releases a video clip for Bala Hdood “without borders” song

Shoruq's Etijiah group presented their first of a kind video clip for their song “Balah Hdood” which tackles freedom and restrictions that the occupation imposed on them and their community. The group members said that they are very happy with this great work which could translate their views with words and...

مؤسسة الشروق
30 Jun

Shoruq Organization Hosts 6th Annual Summer Camp

Shoruq Organization yesterday wrapped up their five-day intensive summer camp, affectionately named Farah o Marah, Joy and Fun. From June 24 to June 28, ninety children aged six to Twelve from across Dheisheh refugee camp participated in the summer camp’s fun, active, and educational programming.  The summer...

2 May

Shoruq Organization Launches ‘Station 70’ Campaign Commemorating the Nakba

DHEISHEH REFUGEE CAMP, BETHLEHEM, April 23, 2018—– As the 70th anniversary of the Nakba approaches, Shoruq Organization has launched a media campaign entitled ‘Station 70’, aiming to shed light on the plight of Palestinian refugees through the creation of documentary materials on the Nakba survivor generation, and...

مؤسسة الشروق
19 May

Shoruq Organisation represents Palestinian refugees in Italy

Shoruq Organisation completed the girls' photography course (Palestine Express) in Deheisheh camp after two months of intensive practical training. The course aims to teach girls the methods of photography and the use of modern cameras in expressing themselves and their environment. Fifteen girls between...

29 Mar

A group of youth visited Shorouq Organisation They performed interactive activities for children

A group of youth from the villages of Ara, Arara and Al Muthalath visited Shorouq Organisation. They performed interactive activities for children and gave them gifts. The second generation of Shoruq’s Dancing Troupe performed Dabka. The group drew on children’s faces and did several recreational activities....

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