Shoruq Organization completed a workshop in filmmaking for deaf girls

Shoruq Organization completed a workshop in filmmaking for deaf girls by showcasing films and videos produced by the participants during the workshop. The workshop which lasted for two months to teach techniques of photography and film as well as the style of writing TV scripts

This workshop is for the Deaf and funded by Stars Foundation participated by eight girls from Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah. They suffer from a lack of appreciation in society and lack of respect for difference. The girls expressed what they are thinking about through filming three videos produced by Shoruq media center. The videos included guidelines for dealing with the deaf, in addition to some of the problems and obstacles faced by deaf girls in their daily lives.

Abla , 27 years  old, said "I work a pharmacist and I have a master's degree in it. If someone wanted to buy the medicine and I did not understand him, he started insulting me because I do not hear despite my ability in lip reading”. Abla participated in the workshop to express what she faces in her life  such as contempt from society despite her scientific excellence and distinctiveness.

Malak is 20 years student who is studying media at Arroub Technical College and is suffering from the education system which does not include deaf in the curriculum and in the style of education. She says, "I'm trying hard to learn. When I ask or express my opinion in the lecture, students start laughing at the way I talk. I hope they will know that I am deaf and I am trying to communicate with them although they do not accept me and do not keep in mind my difference.  As for the workshop, it is different because Shoruq Organization hired a sign translator to deal with us. "

Shoruq Organization has a media center with many devices which help in the success of the various projects and workshops from filming, producing and directing films and others. These activities in the media center aim to develop the capacity of young refugees and reflect their opinions to the world in order to address several issues that concern refugees and youth in general.

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